Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bob Huggins and the WVU Mountaineers

Bob Huggins is some kind of mad genius. After getting some love from the national media, he's got some people trashing him again, like ESPN's Rick Reilly

The fact is, it's not Bob Huggins, but the universities he's worked for that are to blame for poor graduation rates. And Huggins is an easy target, if we're judging coaches by graduation rates, many fail the test.

Huggins loves his home state and his kids. He asks a lot and gives a lot.

How he can take a bunch of kids who weren't recruited nationally and defeat the team all too many named the national champions before the tournament was over, proves he's a coaching genius.

Bob Huggins deserves a little love, even if he only gets it here in the Mountain State.

Let's Go Mountaineers!

Remembering George Orwell

This blog is my attempt to live up to the writing and ethical standards of George Orwell, one of the greatest writers of the 20th century. Orwell wrote the truth without fear, even when it offended his political allies.

One of the best ways to get to know Orwell's writing is to read some of his essays. A Collection of Essays is an excellent starting point. His early essays like "Shooting an Elephant" and "A Hanging" will hook you and prepare you for more complex essays such as "Politics and the English Language", an essay both Glenn Beck and Keith Olbermann would do well to take to heart.

Both those guys are soooooo... predictable and boring. Beck and Olbermann also don't think too clearly. Don't be a follower, read George Orwell and think for yourself.

Of course, for fiction, you must read Animal Farm and 1984.
Orwell put his life on the line for his beliefs, fighting and being shot in the neck during the Spanish Civil War. He wrote a book about the experience called Homage to Catalonia.

There's much more I could say about Orwell, but it's best if you discover him for yourself by reading his books. A good biography is Orwell: The Authorized Biography and a good recent book is Why Orwell Matters.
Speak the truth to power, and have fun doing it!