Friday, May 28, 2010

The Gold Standard of Fitness Programs: A Review

If you really want to lose weight, be healthy and sculpt your muscles, there is no more bluntly honest, well-researched program than Tom Venuto's "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle".

Don't fall for the fake programs anymore, go with the real thing. You can do this, you can lose weight and feel great. No, I have been paid nothing for this review.

Venuto is a bodybuilder, but his program isn't aimed at bodybuilders. The program is aimed at anyone who wants to be healthy and toned. He rips all the fake and hack fitness programs out there and gives you the lowdown on real research and how to achieve real, lasting results.

The program, which can be downloaded from the Web, may seem expensive, but you get a massive book and a bunch of freebies like "10 Foods You Should Never Eat" and "Foods that Burn Fat, Foods that Turn to Fat".

In the book are an overview of nutritional information, diet guidelines, exercise programs and recommendations on the best options for your program. Venuto also debunks much of the junk science and fad diets out there so that you can head into his program knowing you're doing the right thing.

The book is packed with psychological motivation, ways to keep yourself motivated and motivate others. The program isn't easy, you do have to want to lose weight and keep it off. By changing the way you live as Venuto recommends, you will make progress.

If you purchase the program, you also get full access to Venuto's blog, community and later email notification of free and discounted offers.

If you really want to look and feel great, the Burn the Fat program is an excellent choice. The changes don't happen overnight, but they last more than overnight too.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Lincoln County Election issues

Something may be rotten in Lincoln County. Unfortunately, there's a history of vote fraud in southern West Virginia and it hasn't been cleaned up yet.

There's no place for old fashioned "politics" in a state trying to move forward. With any luck, issues like this will lead to a quick investigation.

The way things were always done just doesn't cut it anymore. It's bad politics and bad for West Virginia.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

West Virginia Primary Election results

Some good news, Jim Surkamp lost the Democratic nomination for Jefferson County Commission. U.S. Rep. Alan Mollohan has lost the Democratic nomination to Mike Oliverio.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Militia members may go free

Judge orders release of militia members.

This is really interesting. I have not seen a single report on this in the national media. I am no friend to militias, but there is a difference between free speech and actions, no matter how reprehensible.

The Grateful Dead-Touch of Gray-Shoreline Amphitheatre

Play Chess online

I love chess although I am not very good at the game.

Most of my chess is played online. Yes, people do cheat by using computers and after a while, you can usually tell when someone is doing it. Still, so many of us have little time for over the board play at tournaments.

I recommend the following sites.

Chessworld has a yearly fee for the full features, but well worth it-there is much less computer cheating here than at other sites.

You can get most features at Gameknot for free. I do think there may be a bit more cheating at this site, still, you can get a lot of good games.

Good for Hillary

Hillary Clinton, our Secretary of State, said all the right things at the U.N. in response to the wild speech of Iran's leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

But we must make sure to follow it up with actions, because the Hitlers of the world are very good at calling bluffs. Their very arrogance serves them well in dealing with weak leadership in democratic republics.

We can't afford to forget it, especially since Iran would have no qualms about making nukes available to terrorists.

The Oil Spill

The oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico isn't only an environmental disaster, but a human one. Workers who were on the platform have died, countless animals and sea creatures have also perished or will perish.

The livelihoods of so many folks who work in the area and in the Gulf is threatened.

The question: With all the technology we have available, could we not have prevented this? If the answer is no, we need to stop offshore drilling until we can answer "yes".

I believe we do have the technology, and the costs to protect people and the environment will still allow oil companies to make a profit.